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F O O D   S E R V I C E S  

Nimble & adaptable. Preset & customizable.
Twin Dragons Baking Co. provides companies with healthy custom and preset menus
for their employees. All of our recipes follow guidelines created by our in house physician & nutrition specialist and focus on foods that don't significantly spike glucose.
From meat-eaters to vegans to plant-based diets, we create choices that everyone
can love, while maintaining our fundamental nutritional mission of low carb, no added sugar, and gut health. The result is that there is no unhealthy choice on any of our menus regardless of your preferences! 
We are passionate about quality nutrition, 
ingredients, individual needs or preference, and, ultimately, taste.  

Sample Vegan and Plant-based Menu

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Dessert

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Breakfast Pizza


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Fried Chicken Nuggets


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Almost Roast Beef


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Sugar Free Brownies


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The Food You Need For A Healthy and Productive Workplace

DRIVEN to provide the highest nutrition and healthiest ingredients.

PASSIONATE about addressing individual diets like diabetic, vegan, and plant-based. 

100% committed to superior taste.


An easy and educational program to encourage your employees to improve their health.

Contact us and let's start meal planning for your company today!