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Healthy tastes great.

Twin Dragons Baking Company was created to fill a void in the food industry for people who needed to lower their carbohydrates
and sugar intake. We wanted to give healthy and delicious options to diabetics, in addition to parents like us, who were making it a priority to reduce sugar in our children’s diets.

Before keto’s mainstream popularity, there were limited food options available to this market, and even today, most contain unhealthy artificial sweeteners that spike blood sugar and leave a bitter aftertaste. While we are driven to provide the highest nutrition, healthiest ingredients, and widest options for those on specific diets like diabetic, vegan, and plant-based, because we know that food must taste delicious to be adopted, we are 100% committed to superior taste.

Company Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2016, we first launched our flagship product, low-carb bread mix
  • Family-owned and operated by Van T. Vu and the Twin Dragons, Ella and Emma Truong 
  • 100% of product development done in house
  • Ella and Emma Troung, born in the year of the Dragon, are our inspiration and our official taste testers
  • All products and recipes follow guidelines of our own in house doctor and nutritional expert, Dr. Ban Truong
  • Create custom menus for food services companies who want to meet the unique needs of their clients and improve their workplace
  • Opening Sacramento region's first low carb, sugar-free commercial bakery in the fall of 2020 
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Van T. Vu, JD, LLM / CEO

Van has a vast legal career where she devoted herself to furthering education for all. She is also the co-creator of the Reset Program and the Diabetes Reversal Program, both targeted to improve health through education. In addition to traditional CEO responsibilities at Twin Dragons Baking Co., Van drives product and recipe development with creativity and keen attention to detail. Van’s relentless pursuit of healthy foods that taste great ensures that you will not miss the sugar in any Twin Dragons Baking Co. product.

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Emma and Ella Truong / Co-Presidents

Ella and Emma, the official Twin Dragons, aren’t your typical corporate executives. Not only are these bustling twin sisters the inspiration for our company and our products, but they also help keep it real at Twin Dragons Baking Co. as every menu item is tested and approved by their sophisticated and honest palates. They also keep the company focused on children by driving product development towards foods that kids actually want to eat.  When they aren’t busy serving as company co-presidents, they enjoy many activities, like golf, Jiu-Jitsu, and of course, baking.

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Dr. Ban G. Truong, DO, PhD, FACEP, ABAARM / Director of Nutrition

Dr. Ban is a physician with a Ph.D. in Nutrition, and who is quadruple board certified in Emergency Medicine, Obesity Medicine, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and as a Physician Nutrition Specialist. At Twin Dragons Baking Co., Dr. Ban serves as our nutrition and medical expert, a role that he is passionate about after years of regularly seeing patients in the primary, urgent, and emergency settings who struggled with preventable diet-related illnesses. 

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Timothy Davidson / Candy Man

Tim loves to be in the kitchen. He worked for his two-generation family candy store in Orangevale, CA from ages 5 to 16, where everything was made from scratch. At 16, he went to work for a national grocery chain where he was eventually promoted to a produce buyer. In this role, Tim traveled extensively to identify and source the best quality foods and ingredients. He has also held food services positions for many years, but at Twin Dragons Baking Co., he is simply known as the Candy Man, returning to his roots to make our sugar-free and vegan chocolates and sweets.



A core mission in founding Twin Dragons Baking Co. was to make a positive future impact by promoting health and opportunities for other children. Our partnership with Point Quest Education is one example of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Point Quest Education offers a 200-day program for special education students from 6-22 years of age with challenging cognitive, behavioral, and emotional needs.

Through this partnership, we are creating an integrated vocational program for their students where they will gain valuable work experience, and job skills training, service-learning opportunities, and develop social and communication

The Twin Dragons Café at Point Quest will offer the community fresh baked goods and coffee and will be located on their El Dorado Hills, CA campus.

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